Harvester 4LBZ-150B

Type  : Semi-feeding combine harvester,    hydraulic automatic discharge

 Model 4LBZ-150B
Type Semi-feeding combine harvester,    hydraulic automatic discharge
Dimensions at work, L×W×H(mm) 4290×1950×2190
Working mass (kg) 2600
Model  4L88
Engine Brand CHANGCHAI
Type Turbo diesel engine
Rated    power (kW)  55
Rated    speed (rpm)  2400
Capacity    of fuel tank(L)  50
Traveling Section
Crawler(mm)  90×50×450
Crawler    center distance(mm)  950
Gearbox  Hydro-static transmission (HST)+Gear    transmission
Brake  Wet type, multi-disc, rub
Speed(km/h)  L: 0-3.67, H:0-5.22, Walking speed:0-7.06
Ground    pressure(kPa)  23.2
Min.    Ground Clearance (mm)  170
Cutting width(mm)  1500
Required    height of Crop (mm)  600-1350
Adaptability to Inclination  85˚or Less For Toward Reaping.
  70˚or Less For Reverse    Reaping
Lifting    of Reel  Hydraulic
Model    of speed change Uniform velocity
Main rotary drum, diameter ×    length 420×910
Separating    Method Wind System, Vibration Fair
Model  Wind System
Diameter(mm)  320/200
Number  2
Capacity (L)  400
Number    of output  2
Blade  36
Crop  wheat, rice
Working efficiency (mu/h)  3
Consume of fuel (L/mu)  1.1~2.3
Total loss (%)  wheat≤3.0 rice≤2.5
Impurity rate (%) wheat≤2.0,rice≤1.0
Engine type In-line,  water cooled, 4-stroke
Number of cylinder 4
Bore(mm) 95
Stroke(mm) 100
Displacement (L) 2.834
Rated power/speed(kW/ r Rated power/speed(kW/ r/min)/min) 48-62/2400-2700
Max. Torque/speed(N.m/r/min) 200-255/2200-2500
Method of injection Direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged
Emission Euro��, Off-road stage��, off-Euro stage��A
Overall dimension(mm) 720��594��735
Net weight(Kg) 250